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Class Pages!
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We've decided to open this area to present individual class news!  Please consider each page your "website within a website" and see who your Class Coordinators have found so far!

Class Coordinators are encouraged to use their imaginations, humour, and creativity, and to communicate freely with their classmates here. Send your page content and ideas to our webboffin and we'll make your page come to life!

Your Class Coordinators:

 Class of 1988
 Class of 1974
George Kral
 Class of 1987
Barbra Lieberstein Fergang
 Class of 1973
Howard Fields
 Class of 1986
 Class of 1972
Ellen Brager Ross
 Class of 1985
Lisa Miller
 Class of 1971
Barbara Wegis Courtright
Debra Chipkin Blecher
 Class of 1984
Michael Zeale
 Class of 1970
 Class of 1983
Elaine Palmieri Naugler
 Class of 1969
Linda DeQuintal
 Class of 1982
Nancy Hahner O'Shaughnessy
Michael Zeale
 Class of 1968
Dawn Rigney Geibel
JoAnn Krol Avery
 Class of 1981
Bob Savarese (Anne Miller)
Arnold Cwirko
 Class of 1967
 Class of 1980
Anne Miller Savarese
 Class of 1966
 Class of 1979
 Class of 1965
Ron Raab
Herbert Reyes
 Class of 1978
 Classes of 1962, 1963, 1964
George A. Scott
 Class of 1977
Judith Faley
 Class of 1961
 Class of 1976
Olga Nehrebecki Atty
 Class of 1960
 Class of 1975
Sharon Ann Elizabeth Gallagher

If your year isn't represented yet, consider an exciting and fulfilling career as a Class Coordinator!  Contact us and tell us you want to join the search team!  You'll be given valuable instructions on how to search, and where to report your findings.

Need some web page ideas?  Click the "Class of 1971" and "Class of 1973" links on the left to see what Barbara Wegis Courtright and Howard Fields did with their pages!


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