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PHS Choir Alumni Lists
See who has been found -- help us to find the rest!

This page contains links to lists of virtually every (as many as we could identify) PHS alumnus who sang with Norman Allen during his tenure at Paramus High School.

These lists are in several parts:  those we have found,* those who we are still missing, and those who we believe to be deceased.  They include name at graduation, current name (if known), year of graduation, and whether they are members of  Former choir students who did not graduate PHS are listed with an "?" in the class year next to their names.  If you know when and where they graduated, please email us!

We also have a list of everyone who attended the 2002 Reunion in Orlando!  You can find it here as well as below.

Thank you for your help to find and contact everyone!
Early in 2002, we conducted a Phonathon to try to find many of our missing choir members. With the help of Harris Publishing and of those of you donated your time to make phone calls, we found many alumni who previously hadn't known about the reunion-- thanks to everyone for your efforts!

What about you??
If you're reading this, and you sang with Mr. Allen at PHS, tell us where you are!  If you're in touch with anyone who sang in choir, tell them to visit this site and to Contact Us so we can get you all off our missing list!

And now......  the current lists:
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Found:  574 alumni  

by Grad Name
by Class Year

Missing:  687 alumni   by Grad Name
by Class Year

~*;~*;~*;~  In Memoriam  ~*;~*;~*;~

*For privacy reasons, we are not publishing anyone's contact info on this site.  If you wish to contact someone we have found, please send us an e-mail with your own contact info and we'll ask that person to get in touch with you.

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