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Paramus High School Choir Alumni!

Why:  To honor with love and gratitude,  Norman Allen , who for 27 years, taught us, befriended us, guided us, supported us, inspired us, and loved us. And who continues to do all of this still.

When:  July 25-28, 2002;  Where:  The Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, Florida

Who attended:  1959-85 choir members, significant others and families.

What's New:

  • Message Boards

    We are proud and excited to announce the creation of brand new Forums-style Message Boards!  These were created especially for us from the ground up, have no ads, and we hope you'll make great use of them!

    We also saved most of the posts from the old board, and we'll be offering them in a text file on the website here for anyone who wants to download it.  We'll post it on the new boards too.

    We hope you love these new forums as much as we do-- Happy Posting!

  • Reunion 2002 Photos!

    This section will be updated, as we get more photos to display.

  • Listen! PHS Choir audio selections!

    Thanks to the time and diligence of some of our good PHS friends, we have a growing number of PHS Choir recordings converted to to digital sound for you to listen to or download.

  • Here is the list of those who attended the Reunion July 25-28, 2002

  • F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Finally, one page with answers to everything you want to know about this reunion (but are afraid to ask-- haha)!  Make this your first stop on this site, especially if you've never been here before.  If you don't find your answers there, use the link on the Site Menu at the left to contact us.